The Benefits of Open Source Software

ByLeo Fox

The Benefits of Open Source Software

Open source software is a form of computer software where the source code is released for anyone to use, study, modify, and redistribute it to anyone else as long as the user does not violate the license. Open source software can also be developed in an open collaborative manner. In this case, developers will often collaborate to solve specific problems or meet some kind of need. This can be especially helpful to the open source community.

Using open source software

There are many great benefits to using open source software. Because the code is available to everyone for free, it is much cheaper than licensing for software sold on commercial markets. The result is lower prices and more variety for consumers. The software will always be available at no cost. Developers can take advantage of bug fixes quickly and can make improvements that make their programs better.

There have been several cases in the past where large corporations have developed their own proprietary software and sold it to customers. However, in the past several years, open source for software development has become very popular. Many smaller companies develop open source products. Software developers can create products for almost no price because they are developing it themselves.

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