How to Find WordPress Plugins That Will Make Your Website Better

ByRebecca Ward

How to Find WordPress Plugins That Will Make Your Website Better

WordPress plugins are not actually software in and of themselves. A WordPress plugin is basically just a small piece of code that plugs into your website’s self-hosting WordPress installation. Some WordPress plugins do not even come with visible front-face effects, like a click-counter or a “sitemap”. For instance, you could easily install plugins to boost your website s functionality or help it to achieve higher rankings in various search engines such as Google.

To find plugins to help your website perform better and save you time, try to find plugins which concentrate on one or two areas of the plugin. For instance, if you are developing a blog and need functionality for forms, then you may want to find a WordPress plugin that provides support for shopping cart plugins. A popular shopping cart plugin for WordPress is up-shopping Cart. You can also try plugins such as Easy Digital Download which provide easy digital download functionality for your website. These two examples are very basic plugins that demonstrate how useful plugins can be.

You should always try to deactivate any unused plugin whenever you uninstall the same. Otherwise, these unused plugins will still be loaded in your memory and will continue to cause problems. You may wonder why it is important to deactivate unused plugins when you uninstall them, but this is an important step to take because unused plugins are slowing down your website’s performance and causing several other errors. Simply go into the Settings section of your WordPress installation and activate or deactivate any plugins that you don’t want loaded. This will free up memory space and make your computer run faster.

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