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ByLeo Fox

Software Development Life Cycle Models

Software development is the creative process of designing, conceiving, coding, documenting, testing, debugging, and finally publishing, all involved in developing and maintaining software, frameworks, or other software products. Software development companies are the organizations engaged in software development. These companies usually work on highly customized software products and/or development projects. They have gained much reputation due to their capability in producing quality software products within tight deadlines. Some of the companies specialized in software development offer consulting services to their clients. A software developer must have a thorough knowledge of the latest technologies and programming techniques to deliver the expected results.

Most software development life cycles begin with a project description, which is an overview of the overall requirements of the client. The task of developers consists mainly of mapping out the appropriate steps in the development process. After this stage, the developers create specifications and test their software using various methods, such as user testing, automated testing, black box testing, refactoring, and integration testing. Once the software is tested, the developers make any design changes if necessary and obtain feedback from the testers. If the changes are not sufficient, the developers revise their draft and start testing.

The software development life cycle models listed here are a very simplified example of the entire process. Each step may be discussed in its own stage but they are indicative of the general pattern. Additional information about each step is available from several books on software development. Software developers use several software development life cycle models, such as waterfall, migration, incremental, and change management, among others. The developers must understand the essence of each model and adapt it to the nature of their projects.