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ByStacey Butler

Mobile App Development

Mobile app development is an act or procedure by which a particular mobile app is created for mobiles, including smartphones, business mobiles or portable devices. It includes the use of various web technologies to create the app, including HTML, XML, Flash and CSS. An app maker can also use object-oriented programming languages (OOP) like Java, C/C++, and ASM for developing an app. The App Stores includes the App Store, which allows third-party apps to be installed directly on the phone.

ByStacey Butler

Important Mobile App Development Tips

Mobile app development is basically the act or procedure by which an app is created for mobiles, including business phones, personal digital Assistants or other mobile devices. As of now, the most popular mobile apps are Facebook, Twitter and Google+ but there are hundreds of others. In order to get your app popular, you need to follow these steps: