Artificial Intelligence – What is It?

ByEleanor Brown

Artificial Intelligence – What is It?

Artificial intelligence is artificial intelligence shown by artificially intelligent machines, unlike the human or animal generated intelligence, which entails only emotion and consciousness. The difference between the human and animal generated intelligence can be clearly seen by the acronyms used for the same. Human-generated intelligence refers to what humans can reason and think, while animal generated intelligence pertains to the way an animal behaves, even if it is able to reason and think as well. Humans are good at reason and thinking, while animals are far more versatile in their non-human behavior. Nevertheless, both types of intelligence have applications in everyday life, as both are vastly useful in fields such as computer science, medicine, etc.

AI stands for artificial intelligence and refers to any machine or program that learns to perform tasks, be it in areas such as language translation or speech recognition, self-driving cars, automated warehousing, weather prediction, search engine optimization, and so forth. Such programs are typically run by networked computers and can interact with one another via communication devices, email, chat rooms, etc. Humans are still best placed to take action and direct such a machine. However, AI machines can also take over tasks previously performed by a human or a group of humans. Thus, we are seeing great strides being made in such domains as self-driving cars, self-piloted planes, online transactions, stock trading, healthcare, e-discovery, etc., where a single machine performing a task is capable of influencing or even controlling the actions of several human workers.

Some people are concerned about the use of artificially intelligent machines turning the entire planet into a digital memory, meaning that all data that was acquired and stored would be available to all other machines, therefore making AI dangerous. However, if we choose to make use of AI machines and other forms of Artificial Intelligent Software, they will merely be collecting and recording data, and will never do anything beyond that. They will only be able to provide data to a human supervisor, who will then make his own decisions, and if those decisions go against what is good for the human race, then that human may have to be terminated. And that is not something that I would want to see happen, because I believe in free will. Nevertheless, it may happen someday, so we may just have to prepare ourselves for that day.

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